Quake game Electronic sports, abbreviated e-sports or eSports, is used as a general term used to describe computer and video games that are played as competitive sports. Less popular terms include competitive gaming, cybersports, cyber athletics (used by the CPL) and V-Sports (used by the GGL) Games which are considered e-sports normally belong to the first-person shooter, real-time strategy, or sports game genres. They are played competitively at both amateur and professional levels.

Usually clans will need to contact each other prior to matches. Internet Relay Chat is very popular for doing this due to the ability for each clan, league, or other gaming related organisation to set up its own chat channel on the network, making them easy to find.
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Top 5 esport sites


star Clanbase star WCG
star The CPL star WSVG
star ES World Cup  
star 4G star Dualdisc star Ginza
star Alfred Nobel star Esport star Gogel
star Budgettickets star Eurodownload star Sportstickets
star Carnavigation star Expressloan